Almost everyone can benefit from specialty eyewear. At Mona Vision, we can help you find the best special-purpose eyewear to fit your needs. Are you looking for optimum vision and comfort for performing a specific activity for work, hobbies, driving or computer use? Do you need glasses that provide extra safety for work or recreation? Specialty eyewear will meet these needs better than your "everyday" glasses.

Sports Eyewear

Sport-specific eyewear can enhance performance by improving visual clarity while protecting your eyes from injury. Specially-tinted lenses can improve your visual acuity on the tennis court, golf course, water and slopes. Sports goggles are designed for specific sports, incorporating special lenses, frames, adaptability to fit inside helmets and other protective features.

Safety Eyewear

We carry approved industrial safety glasses for trades professionals such as construction workers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, gas and oil field workers.

Driving & Biking Glasses

Driving glasses come in two categories: sunglasses designed specifically for driving and clear prescription driving glasses. Many sunglasses made for driving feature polarized lenses to reduce glare and special tints to enhance contrast for safer, more comfortable vision on the road on sunny days. Eyeglasses for night driving should include your distance prescription and anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from lights and allow more light to reach your eyes for better vision on dark roadways.

Computer Glasses

Eye strain, fatigue and muscle strains are associated with prolonged computer use. Computer-specific eyewear is designed to give you the best correction for intermediate and close-up distance and special lenses are available to protect your eyes from blue light.

Reading and Hobbies

Often, a pair of single vision reading glasses are a much better solution for prolonged near vision tasks like sewing, reading and crafting.

Prescription Ski Goggles Insert

At Mona Vision we can make your goggles into your prescription taking universal inserts with prescription lenses to fit any ski snowboard, motocross and paintball goggles. The insert is suspended within the goggle and therefore does not rest on your face or ears, as if you were wearing nothing at all. The insert sits further away from your face when compared to glasses, eliminating common issues of lens fogging.

Vintages Frames

Mona Vision has an outstanding collection of authentic vintage frames. Virtually all of our frames are "new-old-stock" which means they are original vintage frames that have never been worn. We are proud to bring you top vintage ophthalmic brands from around the world including the US, France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Eastern Europe and British Hong Kong.

If you are looking for classic frames from the 1950’s or 1960’s, come in and take a look at our inventory.

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